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Who Are We?

Restoration Chiropractic (formerly Balance First Chiropractic) in West Des Moines, Iowa is a family owned and operated clinic, which has served Des Moines and central Iowa since 1999. The focus of our practice is Structural Correction.
The goal of structural correction is the honing in on the inner framework of your body (your spine and nervous system) in an effort to restore your body to its very best. The people that we help are ones who have suffered some form of head or neck injury in their lifetime, which has resulted in an abnormal shifting of their spinal structure.
We aim to keep your body working at its optimal level through gentle, high precision spinal corrections that have an effect on the whole body. Our goal with care is to provide long lasting corrections that require less intervention from the doctor, to help you live your best quality of life.
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A consultation is simply a conversation…NOT a Commitment.

Patients' Testimonials

I have been a patient of Deb's for years now. I had been having headaches for years, and on this particular occasion, my headache had been going on for about 3 days. My former employer suggested I try Balance First, as she also saw Deb. So I scheduled an appointment. For the first visit, I was warned it could take 3 hours (more or less). Deb was good enough to schedule me after work. That night, about 3/4 of the way through, as she was treating me, she did something and I actually felt the pain leave my head. It was so weird - she hadn't been 'manipulating' my back or doing any of the 'traditional' treatments I had received before, but when I felt that pain flow out of my head, she had me! I have been a loyal patron ever since. Any chance I get, I will refer friends and relatives to Deb and will continue to do so!
Rhonda M.
- a year ago